Trenton Plans $40 MILLION School Aid Cuts to NW NJ

New Jersey’s school aid cuts announced in July 2018 will greatly underfund two of the Free Jersey counties in the coming years--fully, a loss of $40 million in seven years.

Rural areas suffered generally in the 2018 cuts. CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE ARTICLE


NJ Taxes Drive $ Out

Facts and Reports


Corporations and residents are fleeing New Jersey.

You could dress it in mystery, if you would rather not stare reality in the face.

The reality is that Trenton’s tax-and-spend policies and its sanctuary-state costs have reached critical mass.New Jersey’s legislature is taxing the state into poverty.

And what do Governor Phil Murphy, State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, and State Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin come up with for the new budget (click here)?

More taxes.