Trenton Plans $40 MILLION School Aid Cuts to NW NJ

New Jersey’s school aid cuts announced in July 2018 will greatly underfund two of the Free Jersey counties in the coming years--fully, a loss of $40 million in seven years.

Rural areas suffered generally in the 2018 cuts. CLICK HERE FOR THE ENTIRE ARTICLE


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The time is now.

New Jersey is self-destructing.  We in New Jersey’s northwest have had enough, especially in light of the article above. The loss of $40 million in state school aid in Sussex and Warren Counties by 2015 has the potential to collapse the economies of many of the towns of our Free Jersey area. Property tax increases loom in a region that has suffered greatly since 2008, in property devaluation and in unemployment.

This is why, today, there is Free Jersey.

Free Jersey is a movement to secede from New Jersey.  This site launches the conversation about separating from New Jersey and becoming the 51st of the United States. At 1,837 sq. miles we'd be bigger than Rhode Island, which is only 1,212 sq. miles, and almost the same size as Delaware, 1981 sq. miles.

We want a "Yes or No" referendum in the four Free Jersey counties. For now, sign the petition!

Why Free Jersey

The "why"s of the Free Jersey movement: Trenton is bankrupting us. Trenton’s toxic taxation has driven iconic businesses out of the state, and citizens with capital. We are outraged at the unequal distribution of tax revenue to urban areas over rural areas like ours.  We are tired of the tug of war with the tarnished, treacherous pols of our state capital. We can no longer brook the fact that these politicians continue policies that never work, then double down with tax increases to fill the deficit hole they create. Just look at New Jersey's "Debt Clock" (click here). New Jersey's irresponsible spending policies have led to nearly $12,000 of debt for every man, woman and child residing legally in the Garden State.

Add to that per-legal-resident debt the estimate that illegal aliens cost every household at least $1,000 per annum additionally, and it is no wonder that people and corporations are leaving the state (click here for our report.)

Free Jersey is more than a tax revolt. Free Jersey is a movement of self-preservation.

There is something very wrong at our state capital. What is wrong there reflects ill upon its citizens.  The never-gentrifying  slums of Trenton tell a story about New Jersey, about all of us.

The Free Jersey movement will change that narrative of failures and debt. Free Jersey has a different story to tell.


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NJ Taxes Drive $ Out

Facts and Reports


Corporations and residents are fleeing New Jersey.

You could dress it in mystery, if you would rather not stare reality in the face.

The reality is that Trenton’s tax-and-spend policies and its sanctuary-state costs have reached critical mass.New Jersey’s legislature is taxing the state into poverty.

And what do Governor Phil Murphy, State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, and State Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin come up with for the new budget (click here)?

More taxes.